Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shopping Battlefield

Why battle?

When you shop, you need $$$ to exchange with the item you desired. Battle between your WANTS and your budget? Well, this entry not gonna teach "How To Manage Your Budget' but sharing an experience that I found when I'm on shopping battlefield ~lol. Had no idea what I'm saying? I had no idea too how to put in words all of these imaginations I have. Maybe you got the point at the end of this entry, I guess?

One of this short skirt (picture below) I saw last year at Megalong Mall, Donggongon, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, ~I'm not done, Malaysia ~done! I am totally stoked by it because I am sooo loving it. I saw it before on an online shopping website but I didn't remember the website, yes screw my life when I can't find back things that I desires so much, that feeling is so ugly.

The price tagged quotes RM29.90 and I don't feel worth-buying because since I saw it is much cheaper on the online shopping website, of course lah prefer the cheapest one kan. Let go lah konon padahal I was battling with my desire.

The next visit to Megalong Mall, I saw this short skirt haven't posses by anybody ! I was smiling so big in my heart. BUT ! The price mark up to freakin RM89.90 and I went TROLL FACE WHY?! Another let go situation but more extreme this time ~lol.

MARCH 2012 is the time to posses it ! Hehe ! I no longer remembered about the short skirt since I'd learned to let it go but I do remember it again when me & hubby were in Megalong Mall, on our way to the car park. We pass by the shop where the short skirt were in. I saw neon poster all over the shop saying RM9.90 ONLY and yeah definitely it took my attention away ! I can't continue my walk if I don't pay a visit to that neon posters decorated shop ~lol.

I went approached to a clothes placement where bundles of clothing were scattered on it, well that's what always happened to RM9.90 clothes. I will not stop digging that bundles of clothing until I observed every piece of it ~haha. And then suddenly I stopped digging because this piece of skirt is on my bare hands ! I stoked because NOW I REMEMBER YOU AGAIN and went very happy. Even happier when there are two more pieces with different colours ! POSSES THERE OF THEM AT ONCE ! ~greedy me because I don't even know why I wanna posses them all and short skirt was not in my planned lists.

I went home happily with that greedy-but-did-not-care-if-it-greedy-because-happy-is-more-interesting attitude. I was about to cut the price tag and realized that the price sticker looks thick as if the price sticker were patched with few other price stickers. So I opened the price stickers one by one. Pictured below.

Nobody want this skirt until the price goes as low as RM9.90 ~lol

Anyway, I love the stretchable and thickness of the material, comfy :glad:

and the stretchable waist too !

Below are exhibits of me styling those 3 types of short skirts.

Exhibit 1: Multi Brown Short Skirt

Exhibit 2: Red Short Skirt ~favourited

Exhibit 3: Blue Shirt Skirt

I enjoyed wearing them so far especially like in the Exhibit 2, it is so me :cool:

So yeah, it takes months for me to have these desired short skirts and I'm happy to have them at low prices ~wee So close to happiness right?

Wish everyone out enjoy your low price shopping ! :heart:

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