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I appreciate everything who has been a supporting visitors and readers, you guys are still countable :heart: I'm grateful so far for this blog and continue wishing stars for LoveSiee's blog.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I won the Galaxy Leggings from ROMWE

I am pretty sure most of you guys heard about the ROMWE Galaxy Leggings to be given away to 600++ lucky participants. Cool right? :D The giveaway was held on last August 2012 on their Facebook page and has ended at the end of the month. Whats even cooler, ROMWE picked 20 winners daily ! ! ! If you followed me on my Twitter, you'd already know that I won the Galaxy Leggings from ROMWE :lol: Thank you ROMWE ..

Anyway, this post are most welcome to all of you guys who are curious about ROMWE's Giveaway and to those who cannot stop wondering when will you receive your won item :cool:

So what I'd experienced through joining this competition, I constantly checked their Facebook page for the winners updates but do not worry, if you win their prizes, they will definitely inform you through your active email address, what I meant by active email address is you are actively using your email and basically check it everyday :)

Below are some exhibits for you to see to get the idea how is everything done when you won their item. Maybe you might want to click on the exhibit to have a larger, clearer view.

Yes, finally on the 22nd August 2012, I received an email from ROMWE, telling me that I am one of the winner. How cool is that when I got notified on iPad during my working day, turn out to be the happiest girl working among my colleagues ~haha !

So I doubled check on their Facebook page whether I am listed or not on their daily picked winners notifications. Yes, I AM ONE of the 21st August 2012 20 WINNERS, and yes that's my email address on the exhibit (do not spam me !) If I did not check my email on the 22nd August 2012, I probably have not get the Galaxy Leggings, for they need you to reply their email within 24 hours ! 

So I patiently waited for their next email from since then. On the 4th September 2012, they sent me another email regarding the tracking number of my parcel ~yay !

So I went to the link given to checked up the status of my parcel's tracking number. They are using 4PX mailing services. I am not familiar with 4PX, so I thought to myself, delivery from which country ya???
Through my observation of their website, I guess my parcel is from China. But I did not confirm that yet since 4PX is a worldwide service, they might have brunches anywhere on earth. Anyone who is familiar with 4PX or knows anything regarding it, do leave a comment below yah ! Thank you in advance  :)

The parcel has delivered to Malaysia's post office on 29th August 2012 6:13PM and has delivered to my doorstep on the 9th September 2012 around 10AM :cool:

There you go my can't-be-patient-to-see-the-item-first-before-took-picture parcel ~hehe

So I guess the parcel is from Singapore, still, I cannot confirm that because I know the Return Mail Address is not necessarily the real sender address :)

There you go my waist area of ROMWE Galaxy Leggings exhibit ~lol

I will be blogging about how I pair the ROMWE Galaxy Leggings with other outfits. Stay tune ! ..

p/s: I know I announced about this won-giveaway on my blog quite late for I can only focus on blogging the longest is 2 hours per day and sometimes I just cannot make it due to my on-call working time, work projects, DIY activities and oh ! A momma of 5 cats ~lol Go go blogging arena !

To all of you people out there, do not hesitate to join the ROMWE's Giveaway ! It is easy and fun ! Below are ROMWE's Giveaway on the go ! Go and join them yah !


and oh ! ROMWE got so many cool leggings yo ! ~ Go and check it out on their website !


Until then ! :heart: