Monday, September 24, 2012

AraYllana X Steve Madden Shoes Giveaway

First of all I would like to say hi to AraYllana and welcome to my blog ! :D

No one reffered me to your giveaway. I know about this giveaway from you yourself.  Pictures below explain it all :glad:

So lets get started !

AraYllana a.ka. Ara is so happy to celebrate her success of her new employment. "Congratulation Ara !" And because she is so happy with the achievement, she's so generous to do a Steve Madden Shoes Giveaway ! She is giving one lucky blogger a chance to win a pair of shoes of your own choice ! ! ! Wow right ? Guys / Boys / Males are also welcome to join the giveaway ! So go and visit Steve Madden website at and choose which pair of shoes you wish to win !

Picture of shoes below are what I think is cool to have from Steve Madden !
So if you wish to win a new pair of Steve Madden shoes, please complete all these 5 mechanics. Its easy !
  1. Follow her Twitter at @bearonmyhead
  2. Refer her blog to your friend. They too will have a chance to win the giveaway. And if you found out about this giveaway at this blog, please include this - "Referred by" at this point into your comment section on her post. Once the entry reach 15 people, she will then choose the lucky winner. NOTE: The more people you refer, the more entry you'll get.
  3. Plug the giveaway to your webpage. If you don't have one, plug it to your Twitter account (do include the tweet link) NOTE: Don't have Twitter account? Its easy to make one ! Make sure it can be view publicly.
  4. Includes your Steve Madden shoes that you wish to win and size at this point.
  5. Share what is your favourite pair of shoes at the moment.
For more info, please visit her post here.

Lets spread the fun ! :glad:

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