Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hiruscar, the scar eraser !

This invention is awesome !

Last time, during the year 2009, I got pimple scars on my cheek and it has been there for more than a year ! Its freaking troublesome for the whole year I remembered. I spend time concealing and feeling resentful about it but not anymore until I found this magic gel so called Hiruscar ! :cool:

Its texture are quick-absorbing, non-greasy and film-free clear gel. For those ladies who wear moisturizer, do apply Hiruscar first before applying your moisturizer.

Alcohol-free and 100% Hypoallergenic :nuts:

And by the way, my skin type is kind of hard to get rid of any scar. It stays for long like "WHEN WILL YOU FREAKING GONE ?!" Even right now, I'm still investing on patience because of my back shoulder still suffer from imbalance skin tone. My back shoulder got sun burnt around June 2011. Now its already freaking July 2012 ! ~screw my life

So here is my testimony of this product. I'm not testifying about my back shoulder sun burnt because hell no I have not found the solution to it yet :cry: :nervous:

p/s: photos below was intented to show on the spot bitten by mosquito, do not complaint about the different skin tone on both photos, my bad, poor lighting.

Yaaa, I know it just a small scar, but guess what, it has spent 2 months picnic on my tiny part of my skin face.

Its totally gone after dab on the scar 15 times of a very thin layers of Hiruscar gel ;) which means once thin layer daily. Perhaps if you used twice a day, it might quicken the scar fading process.

Please be careful to not strongly squeeze the Hiruscar bottle? (I don't know what can I name that kind of storage). Otherwise you will end up spill out unnecessary quantity of gel because you only need really thin amount of it and you don't want to waste them for it cost around ...... I forgot, I can't recall :tired:. But I am still familiar with the price which is below 15.00 MYR (5 gram). So for me, it is quite pricey because I got many scars. Maybe if you don't have many scar, you will not feel it pricey as I feel ~haha. You can find it at any pharmacy, SaSa, Watsons or Guardian.

All the best scar survivor ! :heart:


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