Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cat Lovers ❣ Husky, Is Her Name

Husky? Why..that's a type of dog..?

Well, I took her from her mother when she was around 4 months older, hubby thought she looks like husky. So I decided to name her, Husky ~easy. & by the way, I don't want to be sound evil because I TOOK A KITTEN sounds so direct to the point, like most people will think negative about it. Am I stealing? No. I took her from her mother which is my cat too that I let my sister in-law take care of it, Husky's mother named Busha (mixed Persian cat).

The moment I decided to give Husky name Husky, I actually had no idea how does husky dog most looks like. I only imagined a furry dog on a icy, snowy places. So right now I attempt to Google pictures of husky dog, trying to prove that Husky looks like husky dog.

Failed !

That husky dog is so pretty, it don't even look like Husky. I know you've been wondering of Husky's picture. WAIT until I find the most similar picture.

The 2ND attempt, I Google husky PUPPY. I thought the smaller the sizes of a husky dog will a lot better look like Husky ~hmm


 IT IS NOT HAPPENING ! ~ ! ~ ! Not a chance, even a BABY husky ~hmpf

THE 3RD ATTEMPT. I Google, husky LOOKS LIKE A CAT ~fml. Whats wrong with me? Then suddenly, a "good idea" ~fml pop-up in my mind, lets Google, husky LOOKS LIKE A TIGER ~wth. I thought of it because...I don't know..that's how I think and imagine which I thought it will happen but IT IS NOT ! So I stopped my stupid imaginations.

I asked hubby why husky dog is his 1st impression is majorly because of her fur's colour ~fml. Alright, I'm done. Here are the pictures of Husky.

~like a boss

Husky's Life Experience
  • Very playful that she scratched all over the sofa and made my mother in-law gone mad
  • and left the house for 2 weeks, just because she met a new friend, which is a DOG
  • Peed on the bed, very hebat one because I cant predict when she want to pee
  • Wake me up by scratching my blanket, normally around 6AM or 7AM because she's hungry. When she gave up to wake me up, she sleeps anywhere on my blanket, wait until I'm awake
  • Pee on the litter box with her paired hand outside the litter box (because she dont want her HAND to get wet ~trollolol)
  • Lost her twin named Foxy
  • Pregnant twice
  • The 2nd time she gave birth was a tragic for her, because all her babies drowned during the unexpected bad flood. I saw her was meowing over her drowned babies when I reached home.
  • She's now already gave birth for the 3rd times.

So far I can only remember this, I might be update Husky's life experience again

..until then ..meOw 


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    1. Heartache but ya Husky meow is a strong cat I've ever have (:

  2. Really Beautiful blog on cats...I am also big cat lover..