Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

I didn't realize that this year is a Dragon year according to the Chinese calender. I only noticed it on the 1st day of Chinese New Year when I listened to hitz.fm radio mentioned about it which is yesterday and I was like "oh it's my year" because I was born on a Dragon year. I think this year CNY was better than last year, why? Tip: it's the simple things in life that make us happy.

Chinese New Year Eve
Having Sukiyaki (Japanese Steamboat) and Barbecue at my parents-in-law's house. The Sukiyaki's best moment is when you dip the cooked / half-cooked ingredient in a Chinese bowl of raw egg and put it in your mouth, it taste sooo delicious and smooth which makes you ask for more ! And then hubby and I just discovered that his house's karaoke set is still working ! Yes, WE DID THE KARAOKE-KING ! ~like a bossAnd of course, this is always be the highlight during EVE session is the kebabom here and there, which makes my cats - husky, junior and bigko - hide behind the sofa because they thought it is the end of their life even if I tried to convinced them, it is not ~haha. The fireworks free-show-in-the-air last for over 30 minutes. But what I saw in the air was Ringgit Malaysia being burnt in the air. Instead of fireworks, I saw numbers such as RM50, RM100, RM200 and so on ~yes, the imagination haha. But yeah, free joyous moment watching all the sparkling colours in the air, it's heart warming ~smiley face. But not to the Chinese firecrackers, it making me heart attack and deaf-for-a-while, big no no to firecrackers, thank you.

1st Day Of Chinese New Year
is greater than eve because of the CNY cookies, it brings out the cookie monster in me and also I met kind donors ~haha, the angpao. I think angpao is cool because starting a new year by sharing prosperity is being grateful. Thats my point of view about angpao la but I didn't know what does angpao really means. Hubby and I went to Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort with his lil' brother and 3 of his cousins. We just dropped by to see the beach and foots-savouring in the sand ~haha. Sorry that I don't have pictures to share up until now. I only remember to take pictures after I reached the resort ~haha

I wrote this on the sand for hubby
and I ask him to take picture with it hehe

By the way, I think this resort is a great place for a Wedding Event. I saw the area for a Garden Wedding which is big enough (than Sutera Harbour Resort) for your families to fill in and the place is romantic enough that takes my breathe away ! Just check up their website at the link I've provided up there for further information. Have fun !